I’m a story in progress and I’m still figuring out exactly who I am, and God is still writing my story…but there are some things I’ve found to be without a doubt true.

I’m a mom to three incredible kids I love more than anything.  They are wild, free spirits, impossible to tame…and I’m so glad.

A wife to a man I respect with all my being, who is a walking definition of servant leader.

I love cooking and food.  I mean, lurve…I do a little dance in my seat when I eat good food.

I enjoy creating and DIYing. I adore entertaining and party planning.

I love people. Getting to know them, sharing with them, hopefully blessing them.  The idea that in heaven we will sit around a table with Jesus and other believers eating and talking, thrills me to no end.  I’m a stereotypical extrovert whose love language is quality time, and I externally processes my life.  You can pray for my husband.  And talk to me anytime.

Most importantly, I am reliant on the grace shown to me by my Savior, Jesus Christ, and my prayer is to be an extender of the same grace He has shown me.


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